Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Hey, it's me again. I was in the middle of cleaning up my study table and I saw this. Yeah, I was cleaning up at night haha. I have wanted to post this video for so long already. It was a video made for my birthday. Haha, I remember the good time. *weh nak nangis doe hee :') They made me a suprise and made me hunt for my birthday presents. I remember that it was on Friday, 2nd of October 2009, yeah my birthday. My sweet sixteen. We prefects had a meeting, and I actually got to rush home. And I'm delaying it with having a conversation with Pn. Nirmala, me and Shahirah gave her a birthday present :) So I was late and I know my mum was waiting and was going to be mad. Then, my fellow friends, to be exact -Alia, Pei Khim, Shahirah and Nik stopped me from going home. So what did they do?

Pei Khim handed me a note from "two seniors" stating that they left me birthday presents at the pondok near Lee Chong Wei's favourite place. Yeap, the badminton court and true, the pondok. I told them that I'm in a rush but they ignore*oh sedih kan kan? :( Well, I searched and they helped too *cehh, they helped and I knew they were pretending. It's very obvious. It's my birthday, of course I would know about it right? :D but nevermind, let's just play the game. I nearly failed and luckily saw a Roxy's paper bag. Ahah! That's it and I grabbed it. I opened it and saw a CD written,

"Just For You - LOVE + HUGS, ALIA & PEI KHIM".

So, bingo! I cried yeah, NSC kan senang nangis, so no doubt la kan? *terharu nih :') A birthday song was sang by the 4 of them and unfortunately, I've deleted the files so can't upload that video showing me crying. Haha nevermind, everything is still playing on my mind. And I left with this dedication video, the CD I got. So, let's hear it, I mean watch it :)

So this it is. My sweet 16th birthday. Not just them both or them four but everyone! -Papa, Mama, sisters, friends, seniors, juniors and everyone! Though no huge party and no huge birthday cake but who cares, i got SUPERSIZED eternity love from my beloved. What else can I expect? Oh, my mum nagged at me for being late but I was happy at that time so haha nevermind :) My sweet sixteen is still the sweetest. Thanks a million everyone :)

p.s. yeah, i know this is wayyyyyy late. But anyhoo, this is my birthday to remember. Thanks God for giving me the best <3

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Pei said...

I KOMEN-ed la. now you can see?
SIGH *covers my face*