Monday, December 7, 2009

Awak, saya rindu awak!

Betul, betul, betul! Rindu tak, rindu tak? Weh, dah seminggu saya tak on ok? Adoi lama ni tahu, hampir dying of boredom -,- sekarang ni nak buat countdown pun dah tak boleh, dah lama sangat tak buat so saya memutuskan untuk menghentikan niat countdown tu. Nak buat entri English lah pula rasanya.

Hello mates! So I'm switching to English mode, nothing special though. Let's start my bedtime story. Chill, I'm not doing the babbling all in once but one by one ok? Like you don't know the way Shahiela posts her entries haha. Okay let me recall what happened this week before...

Let's start off with Aidiladha. It was not that fun this year, it's kinda dull. Yeah, dull. Pakcik didn't came, he had something up at Malacca. *okay now read this with an unsatisfied tone* Haish, this happens when you have only a few siblings! My mum had only five siblings including her and one rarely came home. So, they left with four. Now, let me count the grandchildrens from the four siblings... 1, 2, 3, 4....and....9! 9 only? My oh my, I didn't realize that! tsk tsk T.T pity huh? so people please have more children! yes, yes! okay, okay Shahiela, cool. So that's it. Oh and the worse is, we didnt even wear Raya clothes! -,- not that we didn't bring any but we just.. choose not to wear aiyo -,- and the main character in pictures for this year is GOOSE! Uh-uh, my Granny's goose. What does goose called in plural anyway? Is it geese? Reply this alright, *this shows how bad my English is going oh mannnn! Mama didn't cook any (ok, kind of) because Mak Long decided to cook! :) wuhoo, she's good alright! We had rendang, lemang, nasi impit and what more? *i couldn't recall, (think, think, think *Jimmy Neutron's tone).. cannot remember. Nevermind, and guess what? I cook something too :) what was it? it was sambal tumis ikan bilis! hahaha ;p and give it a shot to what was it eaten with? No idea? Really? Let's go back to the time when Japanese came to Malaya and what did people eat? Yup, tapioca or ubi kayu in Malay haha xD so-oh traditional right? haha I know.

(sing Kantoi) "So I guess that's the end of my story.." Bye. *will be continued.

p.s. photos will be uploaded SOON.

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